Višegrad, Bosnia, in former Yugoslavia also had its share in
the Balkan Wars of the 1990s with ethnic cleansing, murder
and violence, and all of the tragic consequences that follow
any war. Although the town used to have a Muslim majority,
it is now dominated by Serbs and situated in Republika Srpska.

The Višegrad series were first published in the Danish art
periodical ARK  2006 and are based on Inger Lise Rasmussens
visits to Višegrad in 2004 and 2006.  Her photogravures soberly
register the scars of war in the town space and how the lushness
of the landscape covers up the actions of the past.

Coupled with quotations from  Ivo Andrić's  big epic novel
The Bridge on the Drina it becomes a memento of the painful
meeting between the Occident and the Orient, and a reminder
of how nothing will change unless we want that change ourselves.

Ivo Andrić, writer and diplomat 1892-1975. 
The Bridge on the Drina appeared 1945 and in 1961 he received the Nobel Prize for literature.